Just Through that Door and Around the Bend


As I took my youngest boy’s hand and led him down the hallway to visit his Kindergarten classroom for the first time, and as I prepare to watch him climb on to the bus next Wednesday, I too am facing my own new beginnings.  As he experiences his first meal in the lunchroom surrounded by new friends, I will be eating alone for the first time in a whole lot of years.   As he begins to find his place in the world, I am learning to let go.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, to stay home with my boys, to love on them from sun up to sun down and to be there for all of their firsts.  I was always so sure of my dream and my calling…until now.  Now my baby is off to school and I will have six childless hours, five days a week.  That is thirty hours of stillness and silence each week…and although this reality has been on my mind for some time now,  I am no closer to to figuring out how I will fill them.  I am just not sure where God would have me go from here.  I too, feel a bit like the new kid at the big school.  

And then, just like God does, he placed this quote just where I needed it, just when I needed it.  
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C.S. Lewis


Recently I have taken up running.  I can’t quite describe what drove me to try it, much less push through those first excruciating weeks of breathlessness and throbbing muscles.  There was just something in me that wanted to run, to be a runner.  I struggled.  I prayed.  I pushed through. I failed. I gave up.  I fretted.  I tried again.  I prayed some more.  And somehow, four months later, I am a runner.  I run and I love it!  I love it because it’s just me, my thoughts and God taking one step at a time, going farther than I ever have before.  It’s me dreaming new dreams and accomplishing new goals.  Now I am Mom, AND I am a runner.  

I am learning to take joy in the memories of all of these years I have had with my boys, rather than wish them back.  I am learning that endings aren’t really endings, just new beginnings.  I am learning to grieve less for what is gone, and to live joyfully in the moments that are right before me.  I am learning to explore new opportunities and to accept the challenge of new adventures.  I am reminded that God is faithful to open new doors, and to guide me through each one.  

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

I really don’t know where my road goes from here, but God does.  I’m ready to lace up my running shoes and see where each step takes me!  

And just like that…I am a blogger too!

What new beginnings are you faced with today?  What dreams and goals await you?  
(written by Naomi M.)

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  1. Paul Wandel says:

    Hi Naomi- Enjoyed your words and thoughts today. You know, life is full of changes and we can go in any direction with them. As a Christian though, we can have an anchor in Christ and experience His warmth and guidance on the unknown path.

    I have been a serious runner for 40 years. I specialized in long distance having run 72 marathons and multiple half marathons, ultra marathons and 20-10-5KM distances. Running has allowed me to see that life is a journey. The course can and will be overwhelming at times. You may want to forget it and stop or simply give up.

    I have learned through those 40 years that life is hard by the yard but but by the inch its a cinch (corny yes but true). Take it in stride and lets keep God and His Word and our relationship with Jesus all in focus.

    In doing so, we hit the finish line with confidence in our purpose, victory in our hearts and the joy of serving our Master and Lord.

    I am at a turning point in my life and am depending on His direction for now. I know God is in His loving control and I need to listen and respond.

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